Create Influencer ads that cut through the noise

Use AdClips to increase your brand visibility & conversion rates of short ad videos, instead of making them long & inefficient.

Optimized for always-on influencer campaigns.

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What is swinx?

swinx is a mobile app that supports your brand in making influencer marketing more effective
swinx establishes a new ad format for influencer videos, called AdClips
With AdClips, influencers can tell your brand story visually, with more than just words
more brand messages in a shorter time

We measurably increase brand awareness

more swipe-ups
more engagement

How it works

Step 1

Upload your product AdClips

On, Brands upload & transfer their AdClips to the influencer‘s swinx app account.

Step 2

Your influencers receive access

Your AdClips will be available to your influencers immediately on their swinx app account.

Step 3

Record & Publish

They can create videos with your AdClips, then post them directly to their Instagram & TikTok.


Try out swinx!

swinx is live on the app store, enabling brands to let Influencers talk visually about products they love.

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